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Why Choose Choy Wellness

Updated: Dec 4, 2022

Welcome! I love that you are here exploring Choy Wellness and what I have to say and offer. I know that you can be doing so many other things, even regarding your health, you have so many options. Why stay on this site? Why read what I have to say? Why get consultations here?

I, Dr. Megan Choy, am a naturopathic physician and a Chinese medicine practitioner. I have spent most of my life studying the human body, how it works, and how I can optimize, both my own body, and that of others. Figuring out how to help the human body function and perform better is one of my favorite things. And I LOVE a challenge.

But why stay here and learn from me? Because, like you, I wasn't perfect, I had issues and ailments, and my body didn't perform as well as I wanted it to. Because I have been on the healing journey that I guide others on now.

Because I am determined, some would even say stubborn, and I don't want to leave a problem unfinished or a puzzle unsolved.

Because I care. I have compassion. I know that some of the things I recommend are hard at first. I know that your life may present you with challenges that seem like they are too much to bear. I'm prepared to be with you in those hard places, to empathize, and to help you see how strong and capable you are.

Because my greatest goal in life is for everyone to be so healthy that I am not needed. Because I would love to teach you and have you share it with your family, friends and children so that maybe they won't need me or someone like me. Because my goal is prevention. I don't want to heal major diseases, I don't want there to be any major diseases for anyone to heal.

You stay here and work with me because you see me as your next step toward the long and healthy life that you want!

I look forward to working with you!

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