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Choosing a practitioner to guide you to health is an important decision. It is equally important to us at Choy Wellness to be sure every client we take on is a good fit for our practice. We want to be sure we are the best match for your health goals before a significant time and resource investment is made.


To that end, we offer an initial consult where both parties can gather information about the other to ensure we both make an informed choice. During this consult, Dr. Choy will share information about how she operates while prospective clients can share their desired outcomes. This consultation is offered at a reduced rate.


Additionally, if you book your consultation now, and complete the terms** of this deal, the entire cost of your consultation will be credited toward your first session, should you choose to establish care at Choy Wellness.

**To receive the consultation credit toward your first session you must: 1) book your consult while this offer is still valid, 2) pay for the consultation at the time of booking, and 3) keep the appointment time for your consultation (rescheduling or cancelling will void this deal).

What to Expect if you Choose ChoyWellness

While everyone's consultation schedule will look slightly different due to their individual needs, the following provides a general outline of consultations. We will provide an estimate of your personalized package in the initial consultation or shortly after.

Consultation Progression

1 / Intake

During the intake the practitioner reviews your intake form, asks relevant questions and develops a comprehensive understanding of the health picture. If labs are needed to complete the picture, the orders are provided. 85 minutes.

1.5 / Client has lab work completed

If requested, client completes the ordered lab work.

2 / Initial Diet, Lifestyle and Supplementation Consult

Client and practitioner discuss the implementation of necessary diet and lifestyle changes. Practitioner provides an individualized supplement recommendation to support healing. 85 minutes.

2.5 / Order Supplements

At the initial consult, the client will receive supplement recommendations to conveniently order through their client portal.

3 / Follow Up

Frequency and duration of follow up depend on the complexity of the individual case. In the beginning, it can range from 2-3 times a week to 2x per month. Eventually, follow up will be as needed, and can be every 6-12 months. 15-60 minutes.

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