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About Healthy Living

The best way to be truly healthy is to engage in healthy living from the beginning and avoid ever getting any chronic illnesses. For many of us, that option is no longer available, so the second best thing we can do is to begin to live a healthy life starting NOW and get the help we need to regain as much of our lost health as we possibly can. The good news is that we can regain SO MUCH! At Choy Wellness, we are here to help you regain that lost health. But even more importantly, we are here to teach you about Healthy Living so that you can live your best life for the remainder of a long and fulfilling lifetime.

A Healthy Diet

In our world today we have many food choices, but not all of them support a healthy life. It can be very challenging to figure out what foods will support a healthy life and which won't. Even the so-called experts don't agree with each other and their opinions change over time. This is further complicated by the fact that certain diets and foods can support us in the healing process, but may not be the best choice for long term wellness.

At Choy Wellness, we provide sensible food prescriptions, grounded both in scientific research and historical data. We consider the individual and where they are in the healing process as we teach them what foods to include and what to avoid in order for them to experience a healthy and fulfilling life.


A Healthy Life

Diet isn't the only important factor to consider when building a healthy life. Lifestyle factors like sleep, fitness, stress management, and others can be just as important, and must be considered.

At Choy Wellness, we evaluate many lifestyle factors and work with clients to optimize these aspects of their lives. We help our clients find the barriers to health in their lives and how to remove them. We teach our clients new healthy habits and how to implement them. We teach them how to live a healthy life!

Supplemental Nutrients

At Choy Wellness, it is our long-term goal that all necessary nutrients come from the food that we eat. However, additional potent supplementation is often required during the healing process. Our supplement recommendations are targeted and efficient, with the goal of needing as few as possible.

To make the process as simple and convenient as we can, Choy Wellness works with Fullscript, a supplement dispensary. We offer recommendations and you can simply click through to the Fullscript website and place your order. We will provide you with links when we make recommendations, but if you'd like to check it out now, click on the link below to create an account and browse the products. 

Reiki Treatment

A Few Energetic Corrections

Over time, when a person isn't living in a way that supports a healthy body, little malfunctions or dis-eases can build up. Some of these issues will resolve themselves when a healthy lifestyle is implemented. Others either won't resolve on their own, or may take a long time to resolve.

At Choy Wellness, we use a few forms of energetic medicine, including Total Body Modification, Applied Kinesiology, homeopathy, and flower essences to assist the body in efficiently restoring its original functions. We determine which 'systems' need to be re-attuned and apply the necessary corrections to do so. 

All Conveniently Available through Video Consultations

In our world today everyone seems to be busy all the time. At Choy Wellness, we want our clients to achieve a healthy life and have more time to do the things they love. We strive to make our consultations as efficient at possible. One way we do that is by offering our consultations in a video chat format.

Choy Wellness provides educational materials, video consultations, supplements and labs through an online portal that decreases the time and effort required to have a healthy and fulfilling life!

Video Call with Sign Language
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