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Eat Like Your Ancestors

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There are so many different diets, and so much conflicting advice out there about how to eat. Today I want to give the simplest guideline that I can for a healthy diet. It can be said in 4 words: “Eat like your ancestors”.

Those 4 words will actually get you closer to a healthy diet than any long involved dietary plan that I can give. Eat like your ancestors. Now I do have to specify which ancestors. I actually don’t know that you can go wrong by looking back too far, but I would say that looking back 100-200 years should be enough.

In the past 50ish years, Humans have focused on convenience in the development and engineering of foods. How can we produce food more with less land? How can we get more meat from a single animal? How can we cook that faster? What can we do to make that food last longer on the shelf?  How can we sell foods that just have to be warmed, not even cooked?

As we focused on convenience, we discarded preparation and cooking practices that we adopted over centuries, practices that made the foods healthier. These practices include soaking, sprouting, germinating, and fermenting.

As I talk more about foods in the next few weeks and months I’ll include some of the different traditional food preparation practices from around the world.

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