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  • Dr. Megan Choy

The Importance of Optimal Blood Sugar

Maybe you're here because you're wondering why I'm making such a big deal about blood sugar. Why is it important? You had your labs run and your doctor said your blood sugar was elevated, but they just said to watch and wait, why am I suggesting that you do something about it now instead?

From what I have learned, blood sugar is the foundation for all the functions in our body. Wait a moment, you say, I took biology (maybe even anatomy and physiology too) and I never learned that! So why do I say that? Because blood sugar and what the body does with that sugar, provides the energy that fuels all the other functions in the body. The body needs that energy in the right places and at the right times, for it to function optimally. So if the body isn't optimally managing blood sugar, many other systems may be struggling as well.

You probably know that high blood sugar leads to Metabolic Syndrome which leads to Diabetes. And you may be aware that diabetes can have many complications like blindness, infections, and kidney disease. These are the better known, and more severe risks of high blood sugar.

Maybe you aren't aware that fatigue, headaches, "foggy brain", muscle cramps, difficulty focusing, forgetfulness, allergic symptoms, depression, and insomnia are also symptoms of poorly regulated blood sugar. And that isn't even a complete list.

There are so many ways in which life is better with optimally regulated blood sugar!

At Choy Wellness, I don't want to until a person has Diabetes to do something about blood sugar. I want to address it before there is even a problem. I want to teach people how to eat and live their life so their blood sugar remains in optimal levels and they never have to figure out how to lower their blood sugar. But if you're already there, if you already have elevated blood sugar, there is plenty that we can still do. I generally find that the same things (plus a little extra) that will maintain optimal blood sugar, will also reduce blood sugar values back to their optimal levels!

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