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The Importance of Optimal Blood Pressure

So your doctor has told you that your blood pressure is elevated, now what? Maybe they have suggested you change your diet, or work out more. But how do you know what to change, eliminate or add? Or maybe it's high enough they have recommended that you go on some blood pressure medication. The question is, why would you do more than what your doctor recommended? Why do you even want to optimize your blood pressure?

At Choy Wellness, we see elevated blood pressure as an early sign that something is wrong in the cardiovascular system. There is ample evidence that untreated blood pressure is a risk factor for a stroke, heart attack, kidney disease and more. Even once blood sugar is elevated several steps toward significant chronic disease have already been taken. Our goal is to stop any further progression and as much as possible, reverse what negative progress has already occurred.

You might also ask why you wouldn't simply take the pills that your doctor prescribes. Those medications, by managing your blood pressure, will mitigate some of your risks. However, there are often many side effects of those medications. Also, it is extremely rare that those medications truly address the problem. More often, they simply stop the problem from becoming any worse, and require that you continue taking the medication for the remainder of your life.

If it is possible to resolve the issues in your body that were causing the high blood pressure in the first place, wouldn't you rather do that? Why treat a condition for the rest of your life if you can address the cause and eliminate the problem?

You also might ask why you would spend the money for this treatment. Your insurance covers the medications that your doctor prescribes, as well as the visits to the doctor. At least, it covers some of it. You insurance won't cover your consultations at Choy Wellness. But at Choy Wellness we seek to teach you a way of life that reduces the need for for future medical care including the care from us. We recommend viewing this as a long term investment in your health and well being!

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