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  • Dr. Megan Choy

Living Allergy Free

For those of you who live with allergies, you know just how disruptive they can be to your life. For some, the allergy is to pollens and grasses and there are certain times of the year you simply can't go outside. For others an allergy to cats or dogs (and even horses or hamsters) prevents you from going to certain friends' houses. And for others it is the scents that are used in fragrances resulting in symptoms when you step into businesses or even around other people that significantly limit your interactions. For many, it is certain foods that limit where and what you can eat. Regardless of your allergic trigger, these symptoms limit your freedom to live your life!

And the symptoms can be of all types. Some allergies result in an itchy nose and eyes, may some sneezing, and perhaps hives. Other allergies result in headaches, asthma, skin rashes, or digestive distress. Some allergies have much more severe symptoms. All of these are problematic and and sign that the body no longer interacts with its environment optimally.

If you're here reading this, you've probably done your research and tried at least some of the options. You've probably tried at least one allergy medication, an antihistamine of some sort. Maybe there is even one of those medications that works for you, at least most of the time. Possibly you've tried the nasal sprays, and even steroids. Some work, at least to some degree, for a while. Some even have manageable side effects. Or maybe you've gone even further and looked into, or gotten, allergy shots. If you're here, you're still experiencing allergic symptoms and are looking for better, or at least more, solutions.

At Choy Wellness, we seek to reset the body in a way that allows optimal interaction with the environment. We teach you and your body how to once again live in harmony with its surroundings. We teach simple dietary and lifestyle habits to reduce allergic symptoms, and provide some simple corrections to reset the body to a natural, harmonious state.

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