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  • The Importance of Optimal Blood Pressure

    So your doctor has told you that your blood pressure is elevated, now what? Or maybe it's high enough they have recommended that you go on some blood pressure medication. Why do you even want to optimize your blood pressure? Those medications, by managing your blood pressure, will mitigate some of your risks. If it is possible to resolve the issues in your body that were causing the high blood pressure in the

  • How to Measure Your Blood Pressure

    To take a proper resting blood pressure, first sit quietly for 10 minutes. Be sure you have your blood pressure equipment within reach. After 10 minutes are up, measure your blood pressure following these instructions. Place the blood pressure cuff on your right arm (unless otherwise instructed). It is best to avoid caffeine before taking your blood pressure.

  • Why Do More than Medications?

    Instead, high blood pressure is a symptom of a deeper problem. High blood pressure isn't a deficiency of blood pressure medication! Something else was causing the blood pressure to be high. You may be wondering what causes high blood pressure. In fact, her blood pressure lowers to a point where her doctor decreases the dosage of her blood pressure

  • The Importance of Optimal Blood Sugar

    Maybe you're here because you're wondering why I'm making such a big deal about blood sugar. These are the better known, and more severe risks of high blood sugar. There are so many ways in which life is better with optimally regulated blood sugar! and they never have to figure out how to lower their blood sugar. also reduce blood sugar values back to their optimal levels!

  • How to Measure Your Blood Sugar

    To take your blood sugar you will need a glucometer. measure fasting blood glucose (this will be done either as a stand along Fasting Blood Glucose test Immediately after they draw your blood at the lab, do the finger prick and measure you blood sugar with Most likely, you'll test your blood sugar first thing in the morning in order to test your fasting blood Squeeze the finger around the prick to create a blood droplet.

  • The Importance of Monitoring

    At Choy Wellness, the two outcomes that we may want to measure are blood pressure and blood glucose. To measure blood pressure, we recommend this device from Omron. To measure blood sugar, we recommend this glucometer from Contour. See the post, How to Measure Your Blood Sugar and How to Measure Your Blood Pressure for our recommendation

  • Choosing Quality Supplements

    For example, if an individual has high blood pressure, there are MANY supplements that claim to help reduce high blood pressure. Is the individual's blood pressure high because they are dehydrated? Is it because the walls of their blood vessels have lost elasticity? Depending on the cause of high blood pressure, different supplements will work for different people and

  • So Let's Talk about Ozempic (and medications in general)

    GLP-1 is a hormone that regulates blood sugar and satiety by doing several things in the human body. When this drug is taken by diabetics, studies have shown that it lowers their blood sugar and assists So what is the cost of taking the drug to lower blood sugar and lose weight with Ozempic? This results in lower blood sugar, and weight-loss. This is a very sad outcome, as these individuals will struggle with insulin, blood sugar, and weight

  • Calcium: Health Benefits and Supplementation

    OTHER CALCIUM FUNCTIONS IN THE BODY Calcium floods into muscle cells (skeletal, smooth & cardiac) and mechanism calcium plays a role in every movement we make, the beating of our heart, the movement of blood through blood vessels, and the movement of food through the digestive tract. Calcium initiates the release of blood-clotting agents from platelets.

  • Vitamin D

    Vitamin D facilitates the absorption of calcium from the digestive tract, it maintains optimal blood researchers found that 8000IU seems to be the dosage required to maintain optimal levels measured with blood

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