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  • Living Allergy Free

    For those of you who live with allergies, you know just how disruptive they can be to your life. Some allergies result in an itchy nose and eyes, may some sneezing, and perhaps hives. Other allergies result in headaches, asthma, skin rashes, or digestive distress. Some allergies have much more severe symptoms. Or maybe you've gone even further and looked into, or gotten, allergy shots.

  • From Sniffles to Snuggles: My Own Healing Experience

    When I was 2 years old my parents discovered I had allergies to dogs. From at least the age of 10, I remember regularly taking allergy medicine. After college, and a move to New York, my allergies got worse, and I ended up going to an allergist. I also was tested for what caused my allergies (a LOT of things) and did a complete course of allergy My allergies might have improved a bit with the shots, but they certainly weren't eliminated.

  • The Importance of Optimal Blood Sugar

    aren't aware that fatigue, headaches, "foggy brain", muscle cramps, difficulty focusing, forgetfulness, allergic

  • Castor Oil

    Some individuals may have an allergic reaction to castor oil, in which case they should discontinue use

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