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The Importance of Monitoring

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

When optimizing health it is important to have some outcomes to track so we can see whether progress is being made. This allows us to see clearly if what we are doing is working, or if we need to alter what we are doing. Some outcomes may be observational, "I didn't have a headache this week", "I slept through the night for 4 days in a a row", or "I had a bowel movement without straining." Other outcomes must be measured in some way.

At Choy Wellness, the two outcomes that we may want to measure are blood pressure and blood glucose. Measuring these daily (and sometimes more often) gives us the best information to guide the healing process. In order to measure this often, it is important to have the measurement devices at home.

There are many devices out there. Here are the two we recommend.

To measure blood pressure, we recommend this device from Omron.

To measure blood sugar, we recommend this glucometer from Contour.

See the post, How to Measure Your Blood Sugar and How to Measure Your Blood Pressure for our recommendation on how to take these measurements in an accurate and consistent way.

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